Week Beginning 29th May 2017
Flying Fox Solid Perfume

Week Beginning 22nd May 2017
Vanillary Gift Set (Heavenili Massage Bar, Solid Perfume, Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion)
Coconut Deodorant Powder

Week Beginning 15th May 2017
Bathos Bubble Bar
Violet Nights Bath Oil
Grass Shower Gel
Beautiful Pea Green Soap
Deep Forest Atmosphere Bath Bomb
Soap Sod Soap
Sunflower Bubble Bar
Spring Cleanser Cleanser
Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb
Fox In The Flowers Bath Bomb

Week Beginning 8th May 2017

German Sausage Facial Cleanser
Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie
Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
Bom Perignon Bath Bomb
Bada Bing Bada Boom Shower Jelly
The Sicilian Bath Bomb
Celebrate Body Lotion
Uluru Bath Bomb
Uluru Shower Gel

Week Beginning 1st May 2017

Lemon Days And Ginger Beer Bath Bomb
Lemony Flutter Body Lotion
Freeze Shower Gel
Snowdrops Bath Bomb
Noubar Soap
Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
Flying Saucers Liquid Bubble Bath (non vegan)
Gumback Express Shower Smoothie (non vegan)
Brimstone Body Scrub

Week Beginning 24th April 2017
You Snap The Whip Body Butter
Fizzy O Therapy Bath Bomb
Up The Wooden Hill Emotibomb
Red Rooster Soap
Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
Up You Gets Emotibomb
Avoshower Shower Gel
Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub (non vegan)

Week Beginning 17th April 2017
After 8:30 Massage Bar (non vegan)
Bouncy Bunny Shower Jelly
13 Rabbits Bath Melt
Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel
Cafe Latte Bath Bomb
Chocolala Massage Bar
Chocolate Melt Bath Bomb
Tweet Bubble Bar

Week Beginning 10th April 2017
Choccy Egg Bath Bomb (non vegan)
Chox Away Soap (non vegan)
Hippy Chick Bath Bomb
Henata Bath Bomb
Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb
Candy Fluff Dusting Powder
Ma Bar Bubble Bar
Sugar Mama Sugar Scrub

Week Beginning 3rd April 2017
Melomint Bubble Bar
Baby Face Facial Cleanser
Keep It Fluffy Bath Bomb
Funny Face FUN Bar
A Ring Of Roses Buttercream
Ice Blue Liquid Shampoo
Ghost Shower Jelly
Ghost Shower Gel
Twilight Shower Gel
Demon In The Shower Shower Gel

Week Beginning 27th March 2017

Queen Of Hearts Facial Soap
Rose Bubble Bar
Play Your Cards Right Massage Bar
Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
Bubblegrub Bubbleroon
Mandarin's Tea Party
Down The Rabbit Hole Bubble Bar
Bunny Bubble Bar
Too Drunk Emotibomb
Psychedelic Bubble Bar

Week Beginning 20th March 2017

Quinquireme Of Ninevah Soap
Tea And Sympathy Bath Bomb
Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar
More Than Mortal Body Mask
Tiptoe Through The Tulips
Luverly Bath Bomb
Madame Butterfly Reusable Bubble Bar
Washing Up Fairy Reusable Bubble Bar
Ooh La La Soap
Waving Not Drowning Bath Bomb

Week Beginning 13th March 2017

13 Unlucky For Dirt Soap (non vegan)
Narcotick Shower Gel
Honey Waffle Soap (non vegan)
Honey Lumps Bath Bomb (non vegan)
In The Nude Bath Melt
Mud Flats Soap
Running To The Embassy Foot Scrub
Lotta Iota Bath Bomb
Luck Of The Irish Bath Bomb
Skin Sin Body Lotion
Bom Bon Bath Bomb

Week Beginning 6th March 2017

Willow Pattern Soap
Secret Garden Bath Bomb
Floating Flower Bath Bomb
Flying Fox Shower Gel (non vegan)
Noriko Soap
Kisskin Bubble Bar
Happy Blooming Shower Jelly
Happy Blooming Bath Melt

Week Beginning 27th February 2017

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Soap
Blue Skies And Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bath
Dorothy Bubble Bar
Sunny Citrus Soap
Something Wicked Comes This Way Bath Melt
Little Monkey Bubble Bar
Wizard Bubble Bar
Vanilla In The Mist Soap
Green Bubbleroon
Rentless Liquid Perfume

Week Beginning 20th February 2017

Phoenix Bath Melt
Enzynamite Fresh Cleanser
Pineapple Grunt Soap
Spice Curls Soap
Marathon Bubble Bar
Back For Breakfast Shower Gel (non vegan)
Karma Dusting Powder
Green Party Bath Bomb
Party On Temple Balm

Week Beginning 13th February 2017

British Nanny Facial Moisturiser (non vegan)
Powder Puff Dusting Powder
Sweet Japanese Girl Solid Cleanser
Breeze On A Sea Air Toner Water
Antiphilitron Shampoo
Lemon Melt Shower Gel
Starcraft Facial Cleanser
Heavenly Bodies Buttercream
B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Shower Gel (non vegan)
Smitten Hand Cream (non vegan)

Week Beginning 6th February 2017

Amandopondo Bubble Bar
Almond Kisses Facial Moisturiser
Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb
All That Jas Bath Bomb
Big Hugs Soap
Sikkim Girls Body Cream (non vegan)
Bewitched Massage Bar
Love Birds Soap
Youki Hi Bath Bomb

Week Beginning 30th January 2017

What Would Love Do Liquid Perfume
What Would Love Do Solid Perfume
Scentenary Soap
Potion Lotion Body Lotion
The Sicilian Bath Bomb
Lush Lime Shower Smoothie
Creamed Almond And Coconut Shower Smoothie
Hot Java Bath Bomb
Hokkaido Bath Bomb
Extra Virgin Olive Soap

Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

Frog Prince Bath Bomb
Le Grand Amour Bath Bomb
Love Soap
Sexxx Bomb Bath Bomb
The Joy Of Jelly Shower Jelly
The Ex Factor Bath Bomb
Fever Massage Bar
Mirror Mirror Neck Cream (non vegan)
Hollywood Bubble Bar
Elixir Bath Melt
Two Hearts Beating As One Shower Gel
Black Massage Massage Bar
White Wedding Bath Bomb
Heavenilli Massage Bar

Week Beginning 16th January 2017 (introduction of 500g gels)

Happy For SAD Shower Gel
Shut Up And Get Over It Bath Bomb
Lemony Flutter Body Conditioner
Cereology Soap
Happy Pill Bath Bomb
Flotsam Soap
Up You Gets Emotibomb
Fruity Beauty Shower Gel

Week Beginning 9th January 2017

Lord Of Misrule Body Conditioner
Tiny Hands Solid Hand Serum
Baby Face Facial Cleanser
Honey Bee Bath Bomb (non vegan)
Gentil Lentil Solid Shampoo
Butterball Body Conditioner
Bubbling Under Bubble Bar
Big Blue Body Conditioner
You Snap The Whip Body Butter
Coconut Deodorant Powder (non vegan)
Sultana Of Skin Body Conditioner
The Comforter Body Conditioner
Irresistible Bliss Solid Shampoo
Zest Hair Gelly

Week Beginning 2nd January 2017

After Tango Foot Mask (non vegan)
Volcano Foot Mask Ballistic 
Pied De pepper Foot Lotion
Demon In The Dark Shower Gel
Bar Humbug Bubble Bar
Reincarnate Solid Shampoo
Skinny Dip Buttercream
Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb
Waylander Soap

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